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The Illusionist (WiP Overwatch original character)
The Illusionist (WiP Overwatch original character)
Name: Massimo Olivetti
Nickname: Illusionist
Species: Human (?)
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Affilations: Overwatch
Alignment: Neutral Good
Health: 400
Shields: 100
Armor: 10
Role: Tank
Base Operation: Italy
Weapon: Two Raygun
Left Click: Medium damage ray.
Right Click: The illusionist create a clone of himself controlled by the AI. The clone last as long as right click is hold down. Untile the clone is active, the illusionist cannot attack or use any skill except substitution. The clone have less damage and less hp. 6 seconds of cooldown.
Substitution: The illusionist teleport where is the clone. The clone teleport as well taking the place of the Illusionist and remains active for three seconds.
Mirror: Create a clone of a close ally, controlled by the AI. Unlike Illusionist clone, this cannot deal damage.
Passive: Ultra charge very quickly if the illusionist and its clone attack the same target togh
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Plaga: Overwatch Original Character Idea
Plaga (Overwatch original character)
Name: Jada Ruiz
Nickname: Plaga
Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Affilations: Talon (?)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Health: 200
Shields: 100
Armor: 0
Role: Support Builder
Base Operation: Spain
Weapon: The "Jack" (a Dai-jo) and the "Eye" (a protection for her right arm. Also a backpack-like object)
Right click: fast ranged attack
Left click: The "Jack" shoot a beam like Mercy's heal. The closest "structure" (Torborn's turret, Symmetra's Sentry Turrets, Soldier 76's biotic emitter) is paralyzed as long as Plagahold down the secondary fire. If the beam keep on the same target enough time, Plaga will take its control.
Enhancement: Plaga can place a nano emitter. Allies close to it, deal more damage and shoot faster.
Cracking: Plaga select a building a make it more efficient for a certain period of time. If she select allies, their building will be more efficient. If the target is enemy, the effects are
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Akonandi: Overwatch Original Character Idea
Akonandi (Overwatch Original Character Idea)
Name: Amina Kijana
Nickname: Akonandi
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi curious
Species: Homo Tigris
Ages: 23
Occupation: Mercenary (formerly)
Affiliation: Overwatch
Alignment: Neutral good
Health: 300
Shields: 0
Armor: 200
Role: Defence
Base Operation: Nigeria
Weapon: Thunderstorms
A couple of techno knucklers highly enpowered that could shoot shock bullett, or could be used for meelee combat.
Fast left click: Melee attack that knocks back enemies
Hold down left click: ranged attack
Hold right click: Akonandi combines Thunderstorms in order to get a shield. As long as the button are hold down, Akonandi cannot attack but can absorb damage for her self.
Barriers: Akonandi can place up the ground small energy barriers to protect an area from one direction. They are exactly like Reinhardt shield but they are temporary, less points and less recharge rate. Akonandi can place up three barriers at times. If player hold down the bu
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Shadow's Wrath: Overwatch Original Character idea
Shadow's Wrath (Overwatch original character)
Name: Cody Frisch
Nickname: Shadow's Wrath
Species: Human. Psionic enhancements
Age: 20 (?)
Sexuality: Straight (?)
Gender: Male
Personality: Shy and paranoid
Allignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral
Affilations: Overwatch (formerly)
Health: 50
Shields: 500 (from passive)
Armor: None (cannot get armor)
Role: Stealth Support
Base Operation: None (hidden in abandoned mansion somewhere in Spain for now)
Weapon: none (psionic powers)
Passive: Psy Shield. Always active but can be consumed by powers of Shadow's Wrath. It could save him from attacks, doesn't matter how much harmful, but than it needs time to recharge.
Right Click: Psy beam. Mid range low damage attack.
Left click(hold): Invisibility. No one can see Shadow's Wrath even Widowmaker Infra-sight. Invisibility consume shield, and don't let SW to use its power except Psy Smite. Lore thing: it's possible for SW share invisibility with small little objects
Psy smite: A melee
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theres no lights in the sky
complex piece for owoccreator for the free art raffle I held a while back!!
This has been finished for a little while but ive just been neglecting to upload it . I had a tough time with this piece!
dont expect to see any more humans from me lol.
Turquoiserabbit drawn Akonandi. :)
An Overwatch OC. ^^
Akonandi, (OC by owoccreator), Sketch
My last commission is now finished! I had a lot of fun drawing all these, and got to try out some ways of sketching and digitizing that I wouldn't normally, as well drawing some new and interesting characters. This character is from the mind of OWOCCreator ( and is envisioned as an Overwatch OC.

I did my best to get the femininity of the character across, but it is trickier when behind full body combat armor, and is also covered with fur, so my usual methods had to be eschewed.


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